Hire Ball Pit Balls in Melbourne

Available in bags of approximately 350 balls with a diameter of 7.5cm

Colourful balls… somehow something so simple provides so much fun for the littlies!!! Combine into an enclosed area for a ball pit full of fun!

Exact number of balls, colour and sizes may vary slightly (we might have some 5.5cm diameter and 8cm diameter balls in there as well!)

HIRE PRICE IS A FLAT FEE FOR THE WEEKEND - 2 days, more fun for the little ones!!

The hire rate does not include delivery fee. This is calculated when you key in your address. Delivery is Friday, pick up Monday or click and collect and return to Braeside (Near Moorabbin Airport – No charge) Does not include setup or pack up. Everything is very simple though and we are always happy to help and show you how.

Ball Pit Balls (approx. 350)

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