Jumping Castle - Medium with Slide plus ball pit balls (L3.5m x W2.8m x H1.9m)
Jumping Castle - Medium Knights Pentagon (L3.75m x W2.75m x H2.75m )
Jumping Castle - Medium PINK (L3.65m x W2.65m x H2.15m)
Jumping Castle - Medium BLUE (L3.65m x W2.65m x H2.15m)
Jumping Castle – Penelope plus ball pit balls (L3.5m x W3.5m x H2.45m)
Jumping Castle – Small PINK (L3m x W2.25m x H1.75m)
Jumping Castle – Red Dragon plus ball pit balls (L3.2m x W3.5m x H2.45m )
Jumping Castle - Medium Rainbow (L3.65m x W2.65m x H2.15m)
Jumping Castle - Royal Palace with Sunroof (L5m x W4m x H3m)
Jumping Castle – Small BLUE (L3m x W2.25m x H1.75m)

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