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Make Amazing Memories At Your kid’s Party With A Ride Roller Coaster For Hire In Melbourne

Make your next child’s party memorable by hiring a scaled down roller coaster. You can rent a coaster setup from a party equipment hire in Melbourne. Just imagine the hours of entertainment a roller coaster will bring to your next kid’s party. The Wonderful Ride Roller Coaster comes in a one and two track options. Partygoers will enjoy zipping down the sturdy tracks over and over again. You can have a game where the kids compete down the tracks, eliminating each other down to a winner. The coaster cars feature a handrail, high back, and footrest for safety. The total measurements of the roller coaster from a kids party hire in Melbourne are 312 x 77.5 x 38 cm high. Ensure the proper size when speaking with a kids party hire in Melbourne as they may vary. These coasters are just the right size for backyard party fun. For safety, ensure there is enough room for the roller coaster and additional space for a cushioned stop. To rent one of these entertaining roller coaster layouts, call or shop from below products today.