Ideas for Kids Party – 101 Awesome Kids Games

I am currently the proud uncle of 4 nephews and 3 nieces aged between 2 and 8 years old! It is great getting to see them and spend time with them.As you can imagine it can often be tough finding something to keep them all entertained! So I thought,wouldn’t it be great if someone compiled a whole list of games?Ranging from games for parties to small games at home, games for when the sun is shining and also for when our famous Melbourne weather isn’t so kind?

With this in mind I set about compiling a list of 101 Awesome Kids’ Games. Speaking to my Mum and Dad, my two older brothers, aunties, uncles, the kids plus also games I played when I was little. The list started to grow and grow until finally I had so many, I thought, I should put this together into a book to share with others.

Finally it is done and I am able to share this with you, please enter your details below and I’ll send you a free copy, if you are in Melbourne I will send out a hardcopy and cover the postage, outside Melbourne I’ll be happy to send you a PDF version as an eBook.

About Rob McLellan

Rob is the youngest of three boys that seem to have never grown up. Being the youngest Rob had a growing number of nieces and nephews that needed lots of entertainment. He made it his mission to come up with a new game each time he had the task of keeping them busy. Rob has now taken things to a new level and runs a successful toy hire company and fun focused blog.

Hopscotch – Kids Party Toy Hire

Hopscotch was initially designed to take stress away from the parents hosting parties or during holidays. Giving them more time to socialise with their friends. Leaving them to sit back and watch the kids have a great time. This book is designed to provide fun for your little ones long after the party is over. Plus there are heaps of Ideas for kids party inside!

A must have for every parent’s bookshelf!
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