A glimpse into Rob our Master of Fun!

A glimpse into Rob our Master of Fun!

Hopscotch Kids Party Toy Hire

This week saw our owner and Master of Fun, Rob, celebrate his birthday – not kicking back and relaxing on his special day – but delivering jumping castles and party toys for Melbourne kids. We wanted to take the opportunity to chat to Rob and delve a little deeper…

How did the idea of Hopscotch Kids Party Toy Hire come about?
It was actually an idea of my older brother Cam and his friend Al (both successful business man and co-founders of Open Corp), we talked about the idea but they didn’t have the time to invest so I thought I’d give it a shot on my own!

What were you doing prior to Hopscotch?
Working as a business development manager for Telstra. Nowhere near as fun and rewarding!
Hopscotch Kids Party Toy Hire is a family-based business – tell us more about that…
My wife and I run it with some help from other family members from time to time either when it gets busy or in the rare occasion we can get some time to ourselves!

Where can you see Hopscotch heading?

Would be great one day to open a play centre and café, perhaps also with a party supply shop as that could really go hand in hand with the hire side of the business.

What is your favourite part of the job?
Certainly the smiles on the kids’ faces when you get sent those gorgeous picks or great reviews afterwards!

And least favourite?

Picking up the toys at the end and the little ones not understanding why the “mean man” is taking their toys away!

If you could have a theme party for your birthday – what would it be?

Any other year I’d probably say an AFL theme but as my mighty bombers are in struggle town this year, I think I might steer clear of that one.