5 Best Kids Tables and Chairs for Your Next Event!

5 Best Kids Tables and Chairs for Your Next Event!

Hopscotch Kids Party Toy Hire

Invitations have been sent out and decorations are ordered. Everything is set for your next big event. But wait what about seating?! There is nothing more awkward than having gigantic furniture for your little guests. Where do you go in Melbourne, Australia to find kids tables and chair hire?

Hopscotch Kids Party Toy Hire has just what you’re looking for! Below we will review together the best five kids tables and chair hire to furnish your next event.

6 Kids Folding Trestle Tables and 24 Chairs

The folding kids trestle tables and chairs are perfect for any children’s event. The tables are perfectly designed to decorate into any theme you can imagine. They also feature rounded corners for added safety for the kids. Each table can seat up to six kids and folds for convenient transportation. The 24 chairs come in three different colors to match any theme. Chose from green, pink, and orange, or even order a combination of all three! You cannot go wrong with this delicious deal at your next event!

High Chair

Any mother, including myself, can tell you that going to any event with a baby is an unimaginable feat. Having a child crawling all over your lap while you try to hold their plate. No where to sit them as they dig messily into their fabulous food. Don’t be the party planner that forgets to order a few high chairs!
Hopscotch kids tables and chair for hire high chairs feature wide stable bases, safety belts, and rounded edges to keep even your littlest party guests safe and happy.

6 Kids Folding Trestle Tables

We have our party guests seating taken care of with a variety of kids tables and chair hire. We even covered our smallest of guests needs with high chair orders. What about food tables, present tables, and cake tables that your guests can actually see over?! Get an amazing deal on 6 folding trestle tables perfect for your small guests. With rounded edges for safety and easy decorating styles these conveniently folding tables are exactly what you are looking for.

4 Seat Table Sets

Smaller sized party? Adding on a kid friendly area? Arts and crafts? These four seat tables can be used in a multitude of ways to add to your next event! Featuring amazing add-ons like matching chair sets and handy pocket attachments you cannot go wrong with these adorable kid friendly tables.

Kids chair

There is not much worse for your little party guests than having to climb into a chair twice their size! Don’t let your next event become a climbing nightmare! These kid sized chairs come in three different colors to match your party theme. With a variety of uses you almost cannot order enough!

There are so many aspects that go into planning the perfect kids event; bounce houses, games, presents, cakes, activities. Don’t let improper kids tables and chair hire turn your next party dreams into nightmares. Turn to Hopscotch Kids Party Toy Hire to furnish your next event!