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Healthy Kids Lunchbox

Healthy Lunch Box Ideas

I was hunting around for some healthy ideas for lunches and came across this great article on kidspot. It is very simple but gives some great basic starting tips to get you thinking about some easy ways to create some cost effective cheap kids lunch box fillers! Let me know in the comments what you […]

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Play Doh

Play Doh

Making Play Doh is so easy and provides hours of entertainment for the kids!  It is great to see the look on their faces when you use some basic household ingredients to create something that is so fun!  If you keep it stored in an air tight container in the fridge then this can last […]

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Anzac Biscuits

Anzac Biscuits

When I was younger I used to love cooking and helping mum in the kitchen, one of my favorites still to this day are the classic Anzac biscuits.  I even had this recipe published in the school recipe book when I was little!  It is great learning for the kids to help with the cooking […]

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