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Childhood Stress, fact or fiction?

Is your child stressed out? A quick reference guide for parents It seems impossible. Right? How can a life whose sole purpose is to eat and finish homework be depressed? The answer is far from this assumption. Childhood stress is as real as adult depression, moreover, since not a lot of research or psychiatric attention […]

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Baby learning to play piano with mother

Let the music play

How music can help your child learn effectively! Music is perhaps one of the most important threads that bind all of humanity together. The effect of music is visible everywhere, from the soprano at the opera to a mother humming to put her child to sleep. Have you ever wondered why almost everyone is attracted […]

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Overworking Parent

Are you overworking as a parent?

Has it ever happened that while your little girl struggles to tie her laces, you quickly do it for her, because it’s faster and easier? Or when your son yawns because the homework is boring, you volunteer to finish it for him. If you are helping your child through every difficulty she faces, you might […]

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