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Girls sleepovers

When to start the sleepover?

As a mother of three girls with the eldest being eight years old, the topic of sleepovers is becoming a more regular discussion in our household. The end of an era The days of meet ups in the parks or coffees after swimming lessons are slowly but surely being replaced by whole days away and […]

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Indian family outdoor activity. Asian parent teaching child to r

Becoming a more receptive and loving parent

As far as children are concerned, there are never enough good words. They constantly need love, affection and validation from parents, so that their ‘love tank’ always remains full. Unaware parents look for toys and games when all their child needs is, a warm cuddle. Being a receptive and loving parent means that you must […]

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Bored Kid

Mum I’m Bored

It is an irony that as parents struggle to stuff another job into their already busy schedule, children (usually young ones) dally around feeling bored. As much as mothers wish there was some anti boredom syrup they could give their young ones to stop this incessant complaining, the solution lies only in activity. There are […]

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