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Bored Kid

Mum I’m Bored

It is an irony that as parents struggle to stuff another job into their already busy schedule, children (usually young ones) dally around feeling bored. As much as mothers wish there was some anti boredom syrup they could give their young ones to stop this incessant complaining, the solution lies only in activity. There are […]

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Overworking Parent

Are you overworking as a parent?

Has it ever happened that while your little girl struggles to tie her laces, you quickly do it for her, because it’s faster and easier? Or when your son yawns because the homework is boring, you volunteer to finish it for him. If you are helping your child through every difficulty she faces, you might […]

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Child With Books In The Head

Making Boys Read

Boys and Reading: The meeting of the opposites “Boring!” That’s what most of the young boys say when asked, “what do you think about reading?” Quite early in their lives, boys and girls part ways on the road that leads to better reading. As girls get busy admiring their new books, the boys search for […]

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This X Cube Puzzle Has 125 Decillion Possible Permutations

This X Cube Puzzle Has 125 Decillion Possible Permutations Once you’ve solved the Rubik’s Cube multiple times, going back to the same puzzle again and again can become impossibly boring.  When you find your brain aching for some new stimulation, maybe this X Cube will present the challenge it so deservedly craves. Originally a successfully-funded […]

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Energetic Toddler - Thumbnail

Toys for your energetic and curious toddler

Toys for Energetic and Curious Toddlers  Toddlers are naturally curious and they want to explore. During the toddler years, the young ones are developing their motor skills. Keeping this in mind while selecting toys is crucial. You want to find toys that can both hold their attention and also help your little one develop these […]

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