Top 5 Winter Energy Boosters

Top 5 Winter Energy Boosters

Winter is here and with it come nights in bundled under the covers, in front of a movie, possibly with a bowl of popcorn and cup of hot chocolate. With cool days and chilly nights, we reach for those instantly satisfying comfort foods to get us through the day…. and night.

Unfortunately too much of a good thing can wreak havoc on our bodies and hormones, throwing us out of whack and leaving our bodies with a whole lot of excess calories, preservatives and sugar to deal with. The result? Most often we are left feeling depleted of energy, lack-lustre and void of any energy, making our winter slump even worse than it was to begin with.

So before the winter blues take hold and you start reaching for those chip packets, try these 5 winter boosters to pep you up and boost those feel-good hormones to get your body in good working order this winter.

  1. Drink tea

Tea has soooo many benefits we could almost fill this whole page with how wonderful it is. Apart from being a soul enriching experience, drinking a cup of tea, especially the herbal kind, has so many additional health benefits.

  • It reduces stress: enjoying a cup of tea makes you stop, listen and enjoy the moment.
  • Tea is chock full of antioxidants, giving you a great boost to the immune system to protect against some major nasty diseases.
    stay active this winter

    Keep up those good habits during winter

  1. Stay Active

Don’t let the cool weather slow you down – in any case, let it help speed you up! Sure it is harder to pull yourself out of bed to go for that early morning walk but keeping up your good habits in winter will pay off in the long run. Besides, those winter sunrises don’t get any better!

  1. Cut down your sugar intake

Sugar is a modern day evil, and with so much research into the negative effects it has on our bodies and well-being, the sooner you can cut down on the nasty white substance the better! Apart from the additional empty calories sugar provides, it is linked to cancer, depression, weight gain and various metabolic disorders. So ditch the sugar and improve your health

  1. Sleep

Yep, getting more of those good old zzzz’s will give you more energy to get through those cooler days as our bodies work more efficiently when we have had enough sleep.

  1. Eat good fats and protein

Eating a good supply of good fats like avocados, nuts, seeds and oily fish along with good sources of protein including chicken, eggs and lean red meat, will keep those pesky snack attacks at bay. Good fats and protein are more nourishing for our bodies than simple carbohydrates, and keep us feeling fuller for longer. So when those sweet cravings come knocking, snacking on some high protein or good fat snacks will satisfy your hunger in a more nutritious and satisfying way.

Winter needn’t bring the blues with it – try one or all of our 5 winter boosters to keep both your energy and spirits high this winter.

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