Teaching our kids about Anzac Day

Teaching our kids about Anzac Day

Teaching kids about Anzac Day

Anzac Day – passing the legacy to our younger generations

Every year as we stand and pay our respects to those who have fought, and still are, fighting for our country, I am proud at the number of children who are there with their families to honour our servicemen at Anzac Day ceremonies across the country.

The number of people attending dawn and morning services across the country and beyond continues to grow every year. From babies to toddlers to school-aged kids and teenagers, Anzac Day is a day that resonates with young and old across the generations.

Even for those who are too young to really understand the gravity of what our countrymen did for the livelihood of our future generations and the sacrifices they made so that we could live in the lucky country, they know what they are doing is important.

Our kids have turned the table and have begun waking us before the alarm chirps before dawn. They wipe the remnants of a deep slumber from their eyes, put on their woollies and wear their rosemary or their Anzac badge bought from a local RSL member, with pride.

Of all the days in the calendar year, Anzac Day is the one that fills me with the most pride to be an Australian – and what a great message to pass down to our kids. The concept of war is one that is beyond the minds of our youngest generations, but the concepts of sacrifice and selflessness isn’t.

For concepts that are relevant to young children – start with the concept of giving yourself to others and stories of the men and women who gave their lives so that we can enjoy the safety and living conditions that we enjoy today.

Teach them to not take these things for granted – that we are lucky to live in such an amazing country, and the people who we honour on Anzac Day allowed this for us.

By educating your children about our history and bringing them to Anzac Day services, you are ensuring the memories of our servicemen are not lost and will continue to live on throughout the generations.

Lest we forget.

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