Kids Safety Around the Pool

Kids Safety Around the Pool

Keep the Pool Gate ClosedWith summer just around the corner, have you checked your pool and thought about it being kid safe?  Well I was looking around and I found a great website by Laurie Lawrence called “Kids Alive – Do the Five”

He mentions an alarming statistic that drowning is the leading killer here in Australia for children under the age of 5!  With some further education and care this is something that we can all work together to fix, young kids deserve to be cool and have fun over those hot summer months, but let’s sure they do so in a safe, supervised environment.

Kids Alive – Do The Five!

1. Fence the pool – make sure you keep it in good condition and the latch or lock is out of reach, also avoid things leaning on the fence which kids could use to climb!
2. Shut the gate – an auto closing gate is great but again make sure it well maintained and avoid propping it open
3. Teach your kids to swim– not only is it both healthy and fun it could save your kids life.  There are plenty of classes out there and it is never too late to start
4. Supervise – make sure it is an adult and avoid drinking, all adults are responsible, it only takes a second to lose a life
5. Learn how to resuscitate – you never know when you may be in a situation where knowing this may save a life and you certainly wouldn’t want it to be too late!

Please remember we are all in this together, everyone should be aware of these things when around children and water whether at your own pool or a friends or at the beach, always be aware of where the children are and if they’re safe.

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