Let the music play

Let the music play

Young father and little son playing guitar How music can help your child learn effectively!

Music is perhaps one of the most important threads that bind all of humanity together. The effect of music is visible everywhere, from the soprano at the opera to a mother humming to put her child to sleep.

Have you ever wondered why almost everyone is attracted to music? And more importantly, is there any difference in people who learn music from those who don’t?

These questions has been around for a long time and many researchers have successfully shown the role music plays in the development of the mind, including increasing creativity, math skills, reasoning and developing personality. In fact, music intelligence finds its place in the work of Howard Gardner, an eminent psychologist, leaving no doubt that music and intelligence are two faces of the same coin.

Teacher Teaching Students To Play Xylophone In ClassHow does music help your child evolve into a more intelligent person? Here is the answer:

  • Music builds friendships: If you have ever seen a group of kids playing musical chairs, you know how music helps kids to open up and interact with each other. Moreover, if children are part of a musical group, choir or an ensemble, they learn to have patience with others, become more disciplined and learn the important skill of how to deal with people.
  • Music improves memory: Unlike many other arts, music is not subjective to the artist’s perception. A guitar is in tune or not, a song has a certain melody or not. So, it becomes imperative to learn the musical notes in order. Children who play instruments or sing, have to learn everything by heart, and parents see an improvement in the memory, which is visible in academics as well.
  • Music teaches patience: Anyone who has been a part of a musical group knows the importance of waiting for their turn. In fact, the bad result of restless musicians are portrayed in many a comedy films. This is why, children who learn music, have patience, understanding and respect for others, rooted in them.
  • Music improves physical and mental coordination: There are many aspects of music, ranging from singing, playing instruments to creating music. Many teachers find it easier to assign tasks or make transitions through a song. In fact, many poems have been written to make children listen to instructions and then act accordingly.
  • Music banishes stress: recent studies have found out that people who listen to music every day for at least 30 minutes, tend to have lesser stress, anxiety and depression.
  • Music enhances learning: As music involves recognizing patterns, following sequence, counting notes and remembering the melody, there is no doubt that music involves multiple tasks that enhance the brain’s activity. More importantly, those who create music, tend to have a more active brain than those who don’t.Baby learning to play piano with mother

There are plenty of other reasons like development of emotions, appreciation of beauty and a world full of opportunity that awaits your child. If there is one thing that your child must do besides studying, let it be a music lesson.

Are your children attending music lessons? Have you seen a difference in their academic life because of it?


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