Are we there yet?

Are we there yet?

Happy family changing a car wheelAre we there yet?

Although children are the ones who are most excited about starting a journey, sadly, they are also the first ones to get bored. Snacks, toys and colouring books do engage them for some time, but they lose charm quickly and the inevitable question gets repeated over and over again. Since no parents want their kids to get cranky, whiny or irritated during the journey, here are some wonderful and creative games which make sure that children remain chirpy, happy and excited till the last kilometre of the journey.

  1. Prepare a travel kit

One of the easiest ways to keep your kids busy is by preparing a thoughtful bag which is filled with interesting games, books, colours and activities. The longer the trip, the bigger the bag. Here are a few things you can put in the bag:

  • A few post-it sticker, which your kids can stick here are there.
  • Colouring sheets and colours (preferably crayons or pencil colours)
  • Magazines or comic books (if your children can read)
  • Their favourite candy!
  • Snacks which do not result in unwanted crumbs.
  • Some surprise toys wrapped in sheets so that the excitement keeps them quiet.


  1. Prepare a travel journal for older kids

Luxury baby car seat for safety with happy kid

If your kids are big enough to read and write, keeping a travel journal in hand can be a savior. Although, the journal would be filled by the child herself, do not give them an empty notebook. Instead, prepare some stickers for the towns or the landmarks which will fall in the way, so that when you pass them, your child can stick it in the notebook. You can prepare a list of activities, wishes or feelings that your child has on every leg of the journey. This will not just keep her busy, but give you a detailed account of their experience. This way, you will understand the likes and dislikes of your children on the trip.

  1. Play interesting games related to the journey

One of my personal favourites is the ‘Time Tracker’. The rules are simple:

Make tickets for every hour of the journey like: 3:00 pm, 4:00 pm, etc and hand it to the children. Keep small gifts like toys, candies, snacks, etc. in a few packets. Now, as every hour passes, ask for the tickets. When your child hands you the ticket, you hand him the gift. Make sure that he doesn’t know the gifts beforehand. The surprise is the life of this game. This way, the time passes quite easily as the kids look forward to every hour.


  1. The Geographical Puzzle

A treat for children, this puzzle brushes up their skills at map reading and history. For this puzzle, buy a road map of the location of your journey and if you have time, find some interesting facts about the places that will fall in between. Now, get creative and make simple puzzles which lead to a special town, landmark or road! The difficulty of the game can easily be adjusted depending upon the age of your children and even adults can join in!

What are your tactics for a trouble free journey with kids on board? Don’t forget to share your stories and tips with us!


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