How to pick "the right" book for your child

How to pick “the right” book for your child

If I were to ask you to sit on a straight plastic chair and spend the next hour talking to the most boring relative in your family, without any pause in between, how would you feel? Not very good, right. The same thing happens to your child if he has been handed the wrong book and made to study for the next hour.

What exactly is a wrong book?

Goosebumps is not a wrong book, neither is anything related to Sci fi, potty humor or doll houses. A wrong book is the book that is too difficult for your child to read. Often, we test our children with newer books with vibrant colors. Sadly, these books are designed to attract the parent and not the child. Many emerging readers are left confused when the pictures of their books don’t relate to the words they are reading. Thus a book meant for very young readers should have one or two simple pictures with corresponding text.

Full length of teacher and boy selecting book from bookshelf inHow to pick the right book?

The first thing for you to do is take interest in your child. Identify his hobbies, favorite pastime, cartoons, games and music. Chances are, if your child is interested in watching cartoons based on mythology, he would be keenly interested in reading a similar book.

To judge the difficulty of a book, open a page somewhere from the middle. Now, ask your child to read it. Tell her to stop when she encounters a word that she does not understand. This is the quick formula to identify the right difficulty of a book for your child:

  • 1-2 difficult words: Easy
  • 2-5 difficult words: Challenging
  • More than 5 difficult words: Too complicated to bind the reader

Books in the first two categories intrigue a reader, while those in the third one, act like the boring relative, who makes the whole experience painful.

How to help your child become an eager reader

If you want your child to make reading a habit, you must make this habit pleasurable. This is common sense. No one enjoys doing something painful or boring. Kids must be allowed to pick the books themselves and must be allowed to read it their own way.

Child With Books In The HeadThe social and the solitary reader

Find out if your child reads in a room full of people (social reader) or in an empty corner (solitary reader). Both kinds of readers are efficient, given the right environment. The social readers, however, need to be monitored more, as they tend to engage in conversations and leave the book aside.

You can arrange a comfortable sofa in the ‘public’ area of your house (kitchen, living room, etc.) and let your child read there. Give him some snacks he can munch while reading.

Parent TeacherIf your child loves to read alone, be sure not to disturb him with questions every now and then. Ask him about the book when he’s finished reading. Give him snacks before he sits to read and lower the volume of the television.

When your child develops the habit of sitting with a book for a longer period, introduce more books. This way, he will develop a lifelong healthy habit of reading and will be on his way to a truly educated future.

Do you think your child is a resistant reader? Leave a message below to share your experience.


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