Toys for your energetic and curious toddler

Toys for your energetic and curious toddler

Toys for Energetic and Curious Toddlers

 Toddlers are naturally curious and they want to explore. During the toddler years, the young ones are developing their motor skills. Keeping this in mind while selecting toys is crucial.

You want to find toys that can both hold their attention and also help your little one develop these important skills. Parents will have an easy time amusing an energetic toddler with bright coloured sturdy hands on toys.


Toddler Tablets

 Toddler TabletThere are several tablets on the market geared for toddlers. They run in the $150.00-200.00 range and they are toddler proof with thick screens and sturdy plastic covers. Allowing your child to use his hands will help with the motor skill development and the vivid and colorful displays will keep him occupied.

Toddlers should not be allowed to play with the tablet for any longer than an hour at a time. Never let them play for more than two hours in one day. Toddlers have an enormous amount of energy, and they have to be active. That means that sitting too long engaging in a tablet could result in an overflow of energy. A toddler with too much energy to burn can be a recipe for disaster!


Just like Mum and Dad

 Toddlers are masters of mimicking the people they love. This means that they most like to mimic mum and dad. Push play lawn mowers, play phones, play stoves, pots and pans, and cars all will keep a toddler engaged in an activity that makes them feel like mum and dad. They can spend hours and hours a day play cooking or working with play plastic tools just like their two favorite people.


Mega Bloks

 Mega BloksThe line of Mega Bloks allows the kiddies to build and construct things. This allows your toddler to use their imagination and refine their finger and hand movements. The interlocking plastic toys are safe, made in bright colors, durable, and come in different sized containers. As previously mentioned; Motor skill development is important during this phase and Mega Bloks tick all the boxes!



Outside Toys

 Step2 carries a line of small plastic slides, climbers, wagons, cottages, and playhouses. Vitamin D exposure and energy release is important to your toddler’s well-being. The toys are constructed of durable plastic and all of them are made of bright primary colors. Your children needs two-three hours of outdoor run and movement time a day. Always remember the three S’s though! Slip, Slop and Slap!



Peek-a-mooRead to your toddler. It is an erroneous misconception that energetic toddlers will not sit long enough to listen to a book. You simply have to entice them to enjoy the book.

To engage her or him in the process and keep their attention, try some of the interactive press and play sound books. Also look for the pop open and slide books. Interactive books will excite, surprise, and engage your child as she listens to the story and begins her way to letter and number recognition. Lift-the-Flap Books (Karen Katz Lift the Flap) are great for the aged two-three and a half year old child. Peak a Moo and Gossie and Friends are two other favorite lift-up interactive books.


An energetic toddler can wear out mum and dad. Knowing what your toddler needs to keep him or her occupied is important to for both keeping your toddler entertained and also keeping you sane!

Pick toys that will engage, stimulate, exercise, and help your toddler develop his or her motor skills. Use this guide as you select toys for your busy toddler.


 Please share any ones you’ve had success with in the comments section below, we always love to hear from you!

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