Monsters University (2013)

Monsters University (2013)

“Monster’s University” Monsters-University-Poster1comes out over 10 years since the first Monsters Inc. movie and shows how our two beloved monsters; Michael “Mike” Wazowski (Billy Crystal) and James P. “Sulley” Sullivan (John Goodman) came to meet.  It turns out back when they were younger these two best friends didn’t get along.

Mike is shown right from the start just how tough life can be for a small monster and Pixar does it in such a way that you connect with him right away.  He is small and picked last for activities but as the movie progresses you come to learn this doesn’t daunt him at all, it simply drives him to work harder and memorise all the different scares he can!

Sulley on the other hand makes a bold entrance into the movie with his famous roar and it seems like he is just going to breeze through life without a worry in the world.  Mike and Sulley quickly form a dislike for each other as Mike shows that hard work will prevail in the long run, however a confrontation escalates which means that they are both expelled from the MU scare program the disdain increases.

Mike comes up with a plan on how to get back into the scare program by joining a fraternity and competing in the Scare Games.  Sulley sees his chance to get back as well and lacking the last person to make a full team Mike is forced to let him in.

Oozma Kappa is the fraternity that they join which is filled with all the misfits of the school and don’t stand a chance to win. From here the rest of the movie seems to follow a pretty standard college comedy plot line where the different fraternities compete to see who will be the last one left and claim the reward and win the Scare Games.  However, about half way through and you start to think you know how the movie is going to play out, it surprises you!

Monsters University has plenty to offer for the kids, it is well made and fast paced for most of the movie.  The monsters are fun and have plenty of character, the challenges they must overcome are just like the ones we all do and it makes you really feel for them and get involved during their highs and lows.

There are plenty of monsters from the original and it is great to see how they fit in, Steve Buscemi is back playing Randall Boggs, this time he is not the villain like in the original Monsters Inc. movie and you can see how he grows to become the monster we loved to hate.

The movie has some great moments when the two are opposed and then later when they finally become friends, showing that through hard work and teamwork you can achieve anything.  It deals with the idea that perseverance can overcome any obstacle no matter how daunting it may seem and that when times are tough having a good friend by your side might just be all you need.

I really enjoyed watching this myself, you don’t need to have seen the first movie but I would highly recommend it and now I am inclined to go back and watch it again soon.  I think I might even write another little review on that one as well.

If you’ve seen this one or plan to watch it, I would love to hear your thoughts!

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