Movie Review - Escape from Planet Earth (2013)

Movie Review – Escape from Planet Earth (2013)

Escape from Planet EarthEscape from Planet Earth is a good animated 3D story of two blue alien brothers from the planet Baab, Gary (Rob Corddry) and Scorch Supanova (Brendan Fraser).  The brothers are the great classical opposites of brains and brawn, Gary is small, skinny, smart, sensible and safe while Scorch is outgoing, courageous, strong, handsome (for a blue skin alien!) and ultimately not very bright!

The story kicks into action when the brothers receive a SOS call from a dangerous planet which turns out to be Earth, Gary of course tries to convince Scorch of the dangers who simply does not listen and instead charges off to save the day.  Unfortunately for the brothers there are forces at work which they do not suspect and ultimately Gary is forced to break out of his comfort zone and be a little more like Scorch who later admits his mistakes and flaws to become a little more like Gary.

A great story of family bonds and strength, I am surprised after watching it that the ratings are so low and I certainly recommend this for a bit of fun not just for the kids but something you might like as well!

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